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We believe we have been created to bear the image of God and proclaim His glory. The greatest resource in the church is not its technology or its wealth, it is the people. We are the image bearers of God, purchased by the blood of Jesus, and sent to proclaim the gospel, or good news of Jesus Christ, through which we have been redeemed.

We also recognize God has given us one another to help build us up, encourage us, and to spur us on toward living a life that lifts high the name of Christ. Living out the gospel is much easier when we are surrounded by others who are like-minded and care for us. That is why we believe it is so important for each of us to be a part of one of our Life Groups; these groups are where we literally “do life together.” 

By this all people will know that you are my disciples, if you have love for one another.
— John 13:35

Our Life Groups meet both on the weekends and the weekdays. We have both lecture and discussion style Bible studies during our Sunday morning Life Groups; while our weekday Life Groups meet on different days of the week and are Bible based discussions centered on the previous Sunday’s message.

Please take some time and look through all the different opportunities we have to help you grow in your walk with the Lord!



Weekday Life Group

Leader(s): Chance Marek & Leslie Heathman
Tuesday, SBC College & Career Room @ 6:30 PM
(20s - 30s Couples / Married)

Leader(s): Matt Johnson
104 Magnolia Way, Huntsville, TX @ 7 PM
(College/20s Coed)

Leader(s): Mark Robinson
Wednesday, SBC Room 204 @ 6:15 PM
(Adult Coed)

Leader(s): Arica Castleberry
Wednesday, SBC Room 272 @ 6:15
(All Women)

Leader(s): David & Lisa Truhlar
Wednesday, SBC Room 253 @ 6:15 PM
(30s - 40s Coed)

Leader(s): Wilson & Abby Winn
Wednesday, SBC Room 272 @ 6:15 PM
(30s Coed)

Leader(s): John & Kathi Lineback
Thursday, 64 Tanglewood Drive, Huntsville TX @ 6:00 PM
(50s-60s Coed)

Leader(s): Larry & Diane Jackson
Wednesday, SBC Room 201 @ 6:15 PM
(40+ Coed)

Leader(s): Thomas Warren
Wednesday, SBC Room 203 @ 6:15 PM
(All Men)

Sunday Life Group

Leader(s): James Collum & Jim Chambers
SBC Room 201 @ 10 AM
(Senior Adults Coed)

Leader(s): Gary Garrison
SBC Room 203 @ 10 AM
(20s - 30s Coed)

Leader(s): Thomas Warren & Greg Debey
SBC Room 254 @ 10 AM
(40s - 50s  Coed)

Leader(s): Mike Barnett
SBC Room 253 @ 10 AM
(30s - 40s Coed)

Leader(s): Chanda Brown
SBC Room 272 @ 10 AM
(All Women)

Leader(s): Carl Jefferies
SBC Fellowship Hall @ 10 AM
(40s+ Coed)

Leader(s): Matt Johnson
SBC College & Career Room @ 10 AM
(College/20s Coed)