If you have any questions about your bill or how to pay please contact the Weekday Preschool office at 936-295-3113.

Preschool at Second is a distinctly Christian Early Learning Center for ages 6 Weeks through Pre-K with After School Care. We believe that God loves and cares for each child and we make it a point of reminding the children of this each day.


Sharing with your children God’s word so that he or she experiences the love of Jesus Christ. We also have a  weekly Chapel for our 2, 3 and Pre-K classes. The Toddler and Older Infant classes have a weekly "Blanket Bible Story" with the Director. In the Infant classes, each child gets prayed for out loud each day by their teacher individually. These programs are in addition to their daily Bible study with their teacher.


Encouraging, supporting, and helping your child grow in positive self-awareness as a child of God.


Providing an environment in which your child understands and strengthens relationships with other people.


Planning activities in which your child regards their body as a gift of God and grows perceptual motor skills and bodily development.


Involving your child in age appropriate lessons to enhance discovery, communication and creativity.